A healthy foot is a happy foot...

I-Runner shoes will give you happy feet. Our extra-depth shoes are designed in the United States by a pedorthist whose goal was to create a comfortable and stylish athletic shoe that everyone would want to wear while at the same time having enough features to be classified as a therapeutic shoe and be covered under Medicare's diabetic shoe program.

If you are on your feet all day, if you are starting to suffer some foot pain, if you suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, blisters, corns, bunions or calluses then you could benefit from the I-Runner Comfort Line of diabetic shoes.

The Pro Series boasts the same padding and comfort as the Comfort Line but with top-tier non-slip sole for employees in healthcare, food service, supermarket, factories or other service industries in which non-slip shoes are required. These non-slip shoes are actually comfortable.

I-Runner Diabetic Shoes make your feet happy

Make your feet happy with I-Runner Comfort Line of Diabetic Shoes

Men's diabetic shoes

Men's Comfort Line of Athletic Diabetic Shoes

Treat your feet tom comfort with these athletic shoes by I-Runner. Ideal for casual walking, working out or just lounging around the house, every step you take will be ultra-comfortable thanks to the extra-depth design and wide toe box. Of course it's Medicare billable with a PDAC code of A5500. The Men's shoes come in three widths and four different colors.

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Women's Comfort Line of Athletic Diabetic Shoes

The perfect, wear-anywhere shoe, the I-Runner Comfort Line has a flattering style that looks great on everyone. These lightweight and comfortable shoes have a look that transition easily from sports to casual comfort. They carry the PDAC code of A5500, so that they are Medicare reimbursable. The Women's Comfort line offers four different colors and three widths.

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Women's diabetic shoes
Non-slip diabetic shoes

Work and Safety, Non-Slip Diabetic Shoes

Crafted from full-grain leather or a leather and mesh combo, the Pro Series from I-Runner will allow you to not only walk in comfort but safety as well. The state-of-the-art anti-slip sole provides traction on a variety of surface types. Tested and qualifies as work wear but comfortable enough to wear them everyday. Protect against slips, trips and falls with these non-slip diabetic shoes.

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