I-Runner offers three distinct options for CBD oils; they are the Pharma Line, the Full Spectrum and the Wellness Line. Each line provides unique formulas for your CBD needs.
Pharma Line - THC Free

The Pharma Line is a staple and most popular for independent pharmacies. It’s a THC Free line with CBD options of 300mg up to 1200mg. You’ve a choice of four different flavors.

Wellness Line - THC Free

Designed to aid in your daily wellbeing the Wellness Line's four distinct tinctures provide 600mg of THC-Free CBD per bottle so you can better face the day.

Full Spectrum >0.3% THC

The Full Spectrum line is the traditional CBD oil with the legal limit of THC in the oil. This 500mg oil should provide more relief of pain as it provides for a full plant entourage effect.


You can get the benefit of Full Spectrum CBD oil in alternative application methods. 
Gummy Drops

The Gummy Drops are a perfect mood enhancer delivering 12mg of CBD per drop.

Gel Caps

The Gel Caps are an easy way to relieve aches and pains with 25mg of CBD per capsule.

Pain Relief

The Pain Relief line is a way to alleviate sore and stiff muscles topically.

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